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Designing is done by our trained & experienced engineers using advanced softwares which includes state of the art features like solid & surface modeling for more realistic designing.

We design products as per the customer's requirements. Prototypes are manufactured, tested & validated before mass production on specially designed machines.

Process Re-Engineering

We are committed to development & upgradation of technology & process. Our team undertakes continuous Process Re-Design & Re-Optimization through incremental changes & streamlining of manufacturing operations to improve efficiency in quality parameters / eliminating waste & delay in the manufacturing process. Highly reliable data is generated by using hi-tech measurement equipments. This data is studied & analyzed using sophisticated techniques to zero in onto & eliminate the possible sources of variations to achieve " 0 " variation & reach perfect tolerance limits by redesigning & improving the processes. Techniques like Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma & Kaizen are used relentlessly to identify and eliminate waste & effect continuous improvements through incremental changes & streamlining of operations.

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Aadishakti is the manufacturers and suppliers of high quality automotive Pistonrings.

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Our major products include:

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